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Nov 18, 2020


Originally published on addrex.net.

With one more month of 2020 ahead of us, we have already witnessed a highly active IPv4 transfers market this year. According to the transfer logs (raw data) available from the Regional Internet Registries (RIRs), over 40 million numbers have been transferred since January 1, 2020. About 20 million additional numbers have been updated due to company mergers and acquisitions.

2019 & IPv4 Transfers as of November 17, 2020
2020 Resource vs Mergers and Acquisitions Transfers

Our analysis shows that the market varies considerably in terms of size and number of transactions. Transfers in the ARIN and APNIC regions are dominated by fewer organizations that acquire larger blocks, while number blocks in the RIPE region are mostly transferred in small blocks (for example, /22).

2020 Resource Transfers by RIR

If we look at overall resource transfers, /21 and smaller blocks are the most commonly transferred block sizes.

2020 Transfers by Block Size

As always, we will continue to monitor and analyze the IPv4 transfer logs to help our clients better understand the IPv4 market and will provide another overview of the entire year in January 2021. As of today, the data shows a mature and well-established secondary IPv4 number block market, with cloud service providers and ISPs contributing the most activity.

Addrex facilitates the efficient sale and transfer of IPv4 address block rights, /24 (Class C) and larger, with each of the Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) and helps simplify the process for both buyers and sellers. We help ensure that IP asset sales are as safe and legal as possible.



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